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Revitalizing Your Health

Revitalize Health & Body is a Health & Wellness  practice that provides Weight Loss services with the popular weight loss injections Semaglutide & Tirzepatide, Hormone Replacement & Natural Peptide Therapy. The practice serves the state of Florida & Nassau County & surrounding areas with it's Callahan office. It is owned and operated by Brooke Leone, a Board-Certified, Family Nurse Practitioner who holds a Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice & a Callahan resident.


Dr. Leone, DNP started RH&B out of frustration from traditional primary care. Never having enough time to thoroughly educate patients about nutrition, lifestyle, & exercise, the confines of insurance, and cookie cutter approach to health care lead to the development of Revitalize Health & Body, LLC.


Dr. Leone, DNP has over a decade of experience in wellness and the medical field. She has a passion for holistic patient care & will develop a custom plan for each client that incorporates nutrition, physical activity, supplements, as well as compounded medications, peptides, and hormone optimization.


Contact RH&B today to start your health journey today. 

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